My passion for food is in my blood.
My Great Grandmother’s restaurant ‘La Rosetta’ was in Taranto, Italy.
My Nonna, Giuseppina, migrated to Australia and worked as a chef in Sydney for many years.
My parents opened a restaurant when I was one year old.
It’s all I’ve known, all my life.
I’ve learnt everything I know from my Mum & Nonna, cooking shows, going to restaurants & working as a cook… But will soon be starting my Certificate III in Commercial Cookery i.e. to become a Qualified Chef.

I’m excited.

Anyway, I’m here to share my creations, inspirations and photos of all things food.
I rarely use recipes, but I’ll tell you if I do 🙂 otherwise I’ll try to post my own!



5 responses to “about

  1. Lucy

    Will you make me some mushroom gyoza when I get back?
    Love ya!

  2. Simon

    Better invite me too! Your beautiful photos are making me hungry!

  3. Wow – sounds like you have some great boots to follow! I love your photos – have been looking through some of your posts and you are making me rather hungry!!!

    • Wow thanks for checking it out!
      I’ve only just gotten started on the travel food posts, so many more to go!!
      Keep an eye out for the next ones 🙂
      I see italy is on your travel bucketlist… there will be a whollle lots ‘o pics for that post!!

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