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Wandering Tastebuds – Part II

One fine day in Bangkok, we walked out of our beautiful teak guest house on to the main road (near Khao Sahn) with one plan in mind.
Get on the next bus going past!
And we did.
A red one… They’re free!
Having no idea where we were heading, we watched out the windows of this timber floored bus as we drove further away from the tourist centre…
Keeping an eye out for anything worth exploring…
Ready to disembark at any second!
Passing streets and streets of stores on repeat;
Tile store, light store, toilet store, light store, tile store, tile store, toilet store and on they went!
And a burst of colour, FRUIT!
Off we get, and a beautiful market we find.
Not another tourist in sight…
But the locals watched, giggled & smiled at us welcomingly!
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